Wednesday, 11 July 2012

WIP Wednesday

It been quite hot here this last week, so have to admit that I been taking it easy and not much sewing has happen.
 I done some more work on LM quilt. Here LM was helping me put the pink blocks on the design wall. She had a great time putting these up. I think you can tell which are mine and which she did.
I finished them later without so much help and realised that I had gotten a little carried away I need 1 12x12 and 2 4x4 but for some reason I have 3 extra 4x4. I picked the two I liked the beast and the other will make there way into the back. 

I started cutting the black and white square and worked out that I have just enough fabric so will have to be careful cutting. As you can see this is a little scrappy looking so I could always add another fabric if I really mess up, but let not go there.

Stats for the week.

Completed projects - 0
New projects - 0
In progress - 7

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Taryn said...

I like all that pink! There is nothing I love more than a scrappy looking quilt! They are so cozy! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

LynCC said...

Pretty pink! I'm not usually a pink person, but something about your project strikes me as very cool. :)