Sunday, 25 May 2008

Heritage Park Quilt Show

This weekend was the Heritage Park quilt show. This is one of my favorite shows, it is a quilt display open to all skill levels, I love seeing all the quilts, this year they was 700 quilts. I love that is not judge, as if it was I would not have the nerve to enter mine and its so nice to see them on display. Normally the quilts blanket the park, hanging from clothes lines, the hotels balcony, as well as tent and indoor displays, unfortunately this year it has been raining lots, so all the out door quilts had to be placed indoors. They do have alternate indoor display area, but it had been so wet that even the quilts in the tents had to be moved. This is the first time I have see that. It was still a wonderful day.
Here is my bargello quilt, I had been hoping to get my first full size photo of it, I guess I will have to be more creative with that.
Can you believe that this is a BOM from one of the local stores, I think this is just stunning.
I love the purple and greens in the circle quilts, I also am inspired about the use of a border fabric in the hanging blue quilt.
These quilts are from the kid section, I love the floral fabric in the nine patch and the frog quilt i so much fun.
This chicken quilts made me smile.
I like the feel of this quilts. I also put in my Australia log cabin. I need to learn how to do a photo montage to show you more photos, as I took lots.

On my last post I showed a kitty quilt that a few of you had asked about the pattern, the girl who made it drafted the pattern, so sorry I can not help you with where to get it.

Have a great week.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sick and more Retreat

I was hit by the worse cold I had in years this week, it went from a sore throat on Tuesday to feeling like my lungs had been glued together on Wednesday, I spent the rest of the week sleeping and coughing, I thought I was going to go to work on Friday, but by the time I got up and got ready I needed a nap.

So needless to say no sewing, but here are some photo of what the other girls were working on a retreat last weekend.
I just love this kitty quilt, so fun and bright.
This is one of Moda tin box sampler series, I have the same one, so I will be interested to see different mine turns out.
My battery was getting low when I took this photo, the colours are much more stunning in real life. The girl who was making this top was gitty when she finished it. I think I would be too.This tulip table topper is based on the Christmas topper a lot of us made last December, I think this works great for spring /summer.

I am always inspired by the project others are working on, each retreat my to do list seems to get longer.

Monday, 5 May 2008


The weekend retreat was very enjoyable, I didn't get away from work as early as I would have liked on Friday, but was there in time to set up before super. Here is a snap shot I took on the drive out to the mountains.
I didn't get as much done as I had planned, spent most of the time working on the pinwheels for my floral quilt. I hadn't read the entire pattern and didn't realize that they had me cut all the blocks for the 1/2 square triangles bigger than needed so they all needed to be trimmed. I felt like I trimmed blocks all day, but on the bright side my point are excellent.
You can also see in the back that I started another bucket bag. And of course we when shopping. I was planning on picking up about 2 meter of fabric. Some black and the blue in the top left of the photo. Then I saw some really nice light batiks. And in the front of the photo a fun kit.
I also made a cute thread catcher, we all made these I think they are so cute. I will share what some of the other girls were working on later in the week.