Monday, 19 April 2010


This last weekend was retreat and it was a fun weekend. We rented a cottage near a lake and it was perfect for the small group. 9 of use had a great weekend. We are thinking of going back in the fall, but make need to find somewhere a bit larger if more people want to come.
I really enjoyed myself and even got a fair bit done. The retreat stared at lunch on Friday, but I didn't get there until closer to 3, but got to work right away.I knew that I would need a pillow for the chair and had one that just needed to be put together so that was the first thing I did.
After that I started on my purple square quilt, which I managed to finish the top for. I am so pleased with how this turned out. It was pretty straight forward and I was done by Saturday evening even with a shopping break in the afternoon.
I will share what I picked up shopping on the next post, except for some charm size square I picked up on Friday (I made a small detour on the way to retreat) and by Sunday morning I had turned them into this simple wall hanging. I think there is even enough left over for scrapping binding.
Not wanting to be done I moved onto some jar blocks for a table runner. I had been sharing fabric with one of the other girl and when she started on her block (which she got finished) I had to start on mine. I think they will be great.
I will share more of what the other girls were working on next post.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Blog Break

Well it looks like I took an unintentional blog break. Shortly after my last post I come down with a bad stomach flu which had me down for about two weeks. Once I was better there was allot of catching up to do. This last weekend was LM baptism, so we had a house full of people, it was wonder to visit with every one, but it does not allow for time in the sewing room.

I did get a little bit done. I finished the last of the pinwheels for my flower quilt
Her are all the piece, all I have to do now is put them all together. I learnt that I should label the fabric when I buy it, all of the was keep together as a project, but had to rally think about which of these fabric went where. I think I have worked this out, guess I will know for sure one I put more of it together.
And here is the start to putting it all together, as you can see I still have a way to go. I did get a couple more border done after this photo was taken. I am upto the first row of pinwheels. Having most of the pieces made I think this will get large quite quickly.
This next weekend I an going to retreat. So I should have more guilty stuff next week.