Sunday, 23 November 2008

SSCS Sent & PIF Received

The mailman been busy around here, on Saturday I finally got my SSCS in the mail. WooHoo, I even had a couple of days to spare.

On Friday, I received a PIF gift from Jodie, I signed up for this a while ago, but it was worth the wait. I love the colours in this bag and sunglasses case, so summery. Quite the change from the winter colours I have been seeing lately. I also received a few pink flower fat quarter. This made my day. I just love it.

Sunday, 16 November 2008


It Snowed over night, not a lot, but enough to leave a layer of snow on the ground and be leaving the roads sloppy today. Winter is on its way so it was bond to happen sooner of later. Here is a picture of a birdbath in my garden.

I have done a bit of sewing this last week, but it was all on my SSCS so no quilting photos to share. I should finish it this week, I just have a bit of finishing work and a label to make. I am hoping to complete it at our guild meeting tomorrow.

I keep getting tired, Had a doctors appointment Thursday and he is saying that I should not work in December, even thought my due date isn't until the 28th of December. I think it will do me good to get some rest. The house is starting to look like a small person will be coming to live here soon.
Hopefully I have some quilty stuff to show you soon.

Sunday, 2 November 2008


Last weekend my guild had an in-town retreat. It was at one of the ladies home, her dinning/living room made a great work room. A lot of the girls when both days, but one of the good things about it being in-town was that if you couldn't go for the hole time, you could pop in. I was only able to go for a few hour Saturday afternoon and evening. In the afternoon I started work on my SSCS and after a wonderful supper I changed to working on the last set of HST, pinwheels for my floral quilt. It was nice to work on this as the last time I worked on it was at spring retreat. Of course I didn't get as many done as I would like, I must have been chatting too much :)

The biggest thing I notices is that even if I'm do not have the energy to work on quilting I need to make time to play with fabrics. At the retreat all I wanted to do was pat everyones fabric.

I did some more work today on my SSCS but of course I can not show you photos. I am feeling a lot better about getting it done by the deadline after today's effort. I finished the top today, so should have no issues. I am quite please with how it is turning out.