Wednesday, 30 September 2009

This and That

I treated myself to a new quilting book, I was at one of the LQS and they are offering a club were you work on a quilt or technique for this book. I looked at the book and was quite interested but don't feel I have the time to join the club, so I picked up the book. I can see a lot of these quilts in my future. I think for the next couple of years wall hangings and minis are what I will most likely to get finished.
I started on my SSCS, mainly just cutting it out, but it is a start. I am going to show you a sneak peak. This will be the only one as I don't want to give away what I am making. I think it will be pretty.
I also got another BOM done. If I only make six I will have one to go, but now I am think I might make nine, will have to check how much fabric I have, as that may make the decision for me.
I will not get any quilting done next week as on Friday I am leaving for a week in the sun. Hopefully I have a few vacation snaps to share with you when I get back.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Only one to go

I think I am getting slower at sticking rather than faster, or maybe I am more easily distracted. I see lots of blogs where stickery are done quickly, but I am still slowly working on my bunny blocks. I have completed another 2, so only 1 to go.
Not sure why I had left the ones with writing until near the end. The last block is bunnies again, so hopefully I will get that done quickly. Then onto the making of the quilt. I think my new goal is to get this done for LM 1st birthday.
As this is a post about my bunny quilt I thought it would be a good time to share this photo of the bunny (Hare) that spend time in my front yard. He will be around for a few days then I won't see him for weeks. I like seeing him, but don't like what he does to my lilies.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sew Day

My guild had planned a sew day on Saturday, unfortunately it was canceled. I had done some prep and had a baby free afternoon, so I decided to have a sew day at home. I had thought about working on my SSCS but decided that I was in the need of a quick project. I had three charm pack projects in mind so I picked one and cut it out Friday so it was just sewing on Saturday.
I love how bright and cheery this turned out, but I think it will make a nicer pillow cover than wall hanging. I even have a pillow that I was planning on recovering, its just a little bigger, so I would need to add another small border. That's the plan at the moment, but I have been know to change my mind.

After finishing this top I decided that I wanted to work on a couple of blocks from the guild BOM. I got the first one finished before super, and the second one completed after LM bed time.
I think these are turning out nice. Since I am only doing a few of the blocks and I am having a hard time choosing which blocks to make. There is still a couple more months of blocks to come, so I also don't want to pick my blocks too early.
I think this was a good sew day. I have gotten a bit slower, with the reduced amount of sewing over the last year but I enjoyed my day. It would have been nicer meeting up and sewing, but this was still a nice afternoon.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Spy Finish and Drumheller

Its been a busy couple of week, and as normal I got less quilting done than I would like to. I did manage to get the I spy Baby quilt finished, all I need to do now is get it in the mail. I really cut it close to not having enough fabric, I had to un-sew a bit I had done for the Shadow effect to make the binding long enough.

My in laws had come to visit over the long weekend so we did a bit of the tourist thing and when to Drumheller, part of the badlands, on Saturday. First we stopped at Horseshoe canyon.
Before going to check out the HooDoos After this it was time for lunch and in the afternoon we went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. I just share on picture from there, I love the way this looks like Little Miss is looking at the baby dinosaurs, I think she is actually trying to eat the hand rail.
It was a lovely day. It as so nice to have family here, as we don't live near any family I really appreciate any time we get to spend with them.