Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sew Day

My guild had planned a sew day on Saturday, unfortunately it was canceled. I had done some prep and had a baby free afternoon, so I decided to have a sew day at home. I had thought about working on my SSCS but decided that I was in the need of a quick project. I had three charm pack projects in mind so I picked one and cut it out Friday so it was just sewing on Saturday.
I love how bright and cheery this turned out, but I think it will make a nicer pillow cover than wall hanging. I even have a pillow that I was planning on recovering, its just a little bigger, so I would need to add another small border. That's the plan at the moment, but I have been know to change my mind.

After finishing this top I decided that I wanted to work on a couple of blocks from the guild BOM. I got the first one finished before super, and the second one completed after LM bed time.
I think these are turning out nice. Since I am only doing a few of the blocks and I am having a hard time choosing which blocks to make. There is still a couple more months of blocks to come, so I also don't want to pick my blocks too early.
I think this was a good sew day. I have gotten a bit slower, with the reduced amount of sewing over the last year but I enjoyed my day. It would have been nicer meeting up and sewing, but this was still a nice afternoon.


Andrea said...

Any time you manage to spend sewing when you have a baby is priceless. Shame we don't live closer - I would gladly babysit for you - seems so long since mine were little. In fact Jess is 19 tomorrow - don't know how that happened.

Meggie said...

I love that bright little one at the top. Also admire those two at the bottom. Babies sure do take a lot of time & effort. But, they are SO worth it!!XX

julieQ said...

I think it would be a wonderful pillow! Love your blocks.