Sunday, 23 August 2009


We have had a few nice days here, so not much quilting has been done. Last Monday was my guild's summer pot luck and I took along the I spy that just needs the binding added, and I think its still in the same bag as I took it in. I will hopefully get to it soon as the little girl that it is for was born on Tuesday.
I did pull out my bunnies to work on, I am not sure why but these seemed to have been put aside. I finished this block.
I just have three left. I need to trace them first, and for some reason when I cut out all the blocks last year I missed cutting out two of them. There is plenty of fabric, so I think this is just as case of getting it done.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Garden and BoM

I was planning on starting the post with a picture from my garden as for the first time in two years both the front and back garden are weeded at the same time -yeah. I was going to take the picture on Monday, but there was a thunder shower with hail on Sunday night, so will not be taking any picture of the garden any time soon, but at least I know it was done. So here is a picture of Fritz watching me weed. My guild has been working on a Block of the month. Each month one of us picks out a block to make. I am so far behind and I know that I will never catch up, so I decided that I am going to make a smaller quilt with just a few of the block, so I at least feel a bit involved. I have made the block for my month, which isn't until October, so will hold of showing that one until then. I also made my first of the other block. I picked to make the card trick, when I first became interested in patchwork this was one of my favorite blocks, I think I even made a couple of pillow using this pattern before I knew how to make a quilt. I decided that I wanted to use black and batiks, and when I was in my batik stash, the more masculine colours were calling to me. Here and here are examples of some of the colours and blocks a couple of the other ladies have made. I love seeing these when they are all revealed.

I also pulled out my scrap book of the quilts I have made, this is pretty simple with picture of the quilts, sample of the fabric and who I made it for, or gave it too. This was a bit out of date, but I should have it up to date in one more session. It will be nice to have it all done. I do like to have a record of what I have made, and find it nice to look back and see the improvement in my quilting.