Saturday, 15 October 2011

Casserole carrier

Yeah, I got the casserole carrier I planned on making for my mum done, before we leave to visit her. I wanted to use a Canadian fabric, and when I saw the bear fabric I remember how exited she was to see a bear when she was here.

The pictures aren't the best. This was the first project I worked on since the room was put back together and I was surprised at how many things I had to go looking for after I though what I needed was put away.

Don't think there will be much in the way of quilting but an hoping to be able to share a few holiday pictures as we go.


Friday, 7 October 2011

Still here

Well it has been a few weeks since I posted. These have been a busy couple of weeks. My in-laws came to visit for just over a week and we spent a lot of time trying to enjoy the last of the summer weather. Little Miss really enjoyed having them around.

We did an afternoon checking out a couple of quilt shops. I live in the north of the city and when they are here we typically go to Canmore quilt store. For something different we head south. The quilt store in High River "Chinook Fabric" is very small and this was my third visit to it. As small as this store is I always come out with something. Then we went to "Rumpled Quilt Skins" in Okotoks. This is a nice store, It was larger and had a lot more fabric, but nothing called to us there. The only thing I picked up was some 1/2 square triangle paper. After than we went to a great little cafe for a very late lunch, before heading home. This was a very relaxing day.

My basement is finally back together, yay. We did the painting ourselves, so that was a bit of a mad dash between when the drywalls were done and before the carpet went down. Then last weekend started moving every thing back into the room. I still haven't replaced the storage cupboard so there is still a fair bit of homeless stuff. I did try to sew a project but was getting frustrated with trying to find stuff, as its a gift and I want to have it done before we go on vacation will try to get it finished this weekend.

And now I'm trying to get organized to go on vacation. We will be away for just under 5 weeks, visiting family as well as tourist stuff. LM is looking forward to going on the plane. She has been on them before, but think this is the first time she old enough to understand. She also wants to see Kangaroos and Kolas, luckily we are planning on going to a wildlife park while there so she will get to see them. I always get a little stress when gather up stuff before going on a long trip, so hoping to get that done this weekend too. If I leave it till the following weekend I would be a basket case.