Saturday, 15 October 2011

Casserole carrier

Yeah, I got the casserole carrier I planned on making for my mum done, before we leave to visit her. I wanted to use a Canadian fabric, and when I saw the bear fabric I remember how exited she was to see a bear when she was here.

The pictures aren't the best. This was the first project I worked on since the room was put back together and I was surprised at how many things I had to go looking for after I though what I needed was put away.

Don't think there will be much in the way of quilting but an hoping to be able to share a few holiday pictures as we go.



Teresa said...

Nice job on the caserole carrier. I think those are always greatly appreciated gifts.

Shari said...

Always handy when you need to take a plate. Hope you have a really great time visiting Oz. Luckily it's not too hot yet. Maybe you will bring summer with you!