Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Back from vacation.

I am back from a wonderful vacation, visit with my family. I had wanted to share some photo as we went but things didn't work out quite that way. The first week of vacation was spent at my mum’s. A few day trips but mostly catching up.
Then heading to the city (Adelaide) to catch up with some old school mates, a couple I hadn’t seen since we were about 12, but still knew who there were when we met up. We also took in Cleland. Here little miss off to met the Kangaroos, She found the potaroo to be more her size. The off to the beach for a few relaxing days. The back to mum’s for more visiting and day trips.
The last week we were tourist in Melbourne. We took a great tour to Phillips island to see the penguins, and a few other things. Couldn’t believe our luck as there was a baby fairy penguin by the side of the road that had come out to see if its parents were coming home.
We had such a good trip. LM travels like a dream. Still working on getting back into the swing of thing


*karendianne. said...

Wow, how completely neat. I had no idea you had family in another Australia. Just Wow! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics.

Shari said...

Sounds like a simply wonderful time!