Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Jar Table Runner

I had decided that I was going to go some simpler sewing. This translated into finishing a project that I had stopped part way through the quilting.  Normally I stop prior to adding the border or before quilting, so not sure why I didn't finish this.

Super pleased with how this turned out, so bright and fresh

Last weekend was DH birthday. Can you guess what his name is LOL.  We decided to include the kid -so we when bowling, then prime rib buffet for dinner, then back to friends house for cake.  DH is a big Dr Who fan and had been asking for a TARDIS cake. I baked the cake and a couple of our friend's decorated it. They have not see Dr who so was going of a picture. He loved it.  It was a great day, everyone had fun, we will have to do it again.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


I have been seeing a lot of hexie - English paper pieces around.and decided I should try it too.  Little Miss was gave me a solid charm pack for Christmas, so decided that would be nice to try with.
These are small, 6 hexie from one charm.  I think I will do light grey between these to make a pillow. 
Why try on one project when you can try on 2?.  These are a lot larger. Each hexie is made out of one charm square. These charm are left over from a small project, and there was just the right amount for the table topper I want to make.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sewing and resewing

I finally got some time in the sewing room. I decided to make a quick Famer’s wife block. First I made all the HST the wrong size, too small so had to remake them all. I had them all made, ready to put the block together – Oh! Some of them should have been QST. So I remade those. This is taking longer than it should. I push on. I put the block together, somewhere in the making and remaking my fabric location got move around. I'm not very keen on this block, but I am not remaking it, it will look fine mixed in with the other Famer’s wife blocks.
Next time I'm going to work on some simple straight sewing. I need to ease myself back into this.
Here are a couple of pin cushion I made before Christmas. I couldn't share then as one was for the 12 days of Christmas.