Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sewing and resewing

I finally got some time in the sewing room. I decided to make a quick Famer’s wife block. First I made all the HST the wrong size, too small so had to remake them all. I had them all made, ready to put the block together – Oh! Some of them should have been QST. So I remade those. This is taking longer than it should. I push on. I put the block together, somewhere in the making and remaking my fabric location got move around. I'm not very keen on this block, but I am not remaking it, it will look fine mixed in with the other Famer’s wife blocks.
Next time I'm going to work on some simple straight sewing. I need to ease myself back into this.
Here are a couple of pin cushion I made before Christmas. I couldn't share then as one was for the 12 days of Christmas.

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Jeanne said...

Very pretty FW block. We had a sewing day at the shop today and I added 4 1/2 blocks to my pile. The pin cushions are so cute!