Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cat Pictures

Haven't really done much quilting since I have been back from retreat so thought I would share a couple of recent cat photos.
Here is Taz is showing us how to relax and Fritz thinks that we got her a new chair.

Not sure when I will get back to doing some quilting, its has started to get nice here and will need to spend some time tiding up the back yard, and the front yard could do with a little bit of gardening too. Want to enjoy as much of the nice weather as I can, our summer here are so short.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

More Retreat

Had a spring snow storm here this week, my back is still hurting for all the snow I had to shovel just to get to my car, and here we are a couple of days later and most of the snow has melted.

As promised I was going to share what a couple of the other ladies were working on at retreat.
This is another version of the guild BOM project. I love how bright this is.
As a guild we have also done this Indian Summer quilt. Here is one top that was finished at retreat and one the was half completed. I love see how group project can turn out so different just by people fabric choices.
I also though I would share these jar block, I love how different they look than mine, and it's only really the background fabric that changed. We have shared allot of fabrics. It looked a lot nicer when they weren't on the funky couch.Lastly here are a couple of little extra I can home with. One of the ladies had little gift for all of us, and behind that is the yellow fabric that wanted to come home from the store with me. I have very little yellow fabric and I saw this and wanted to make a scrappy purple and yellow quilt. So another project on my to do list. But I did get one top done on this trip so think is OK to put one back on the list.