Monday, 30 May 2011

Tulips in the Garden Quilt

This weekend was the local quilt show at the historical village, this is an open non judge quilt show. This year I had enter three quilt, one of which wasn't finished. Nothing like a dead line to get things done.

I will share more about the show in later post, but I wanted to share today was the completion of my tulip quilt. I think I started this in 2007. I think it aged well.

The center was a kit and I added the boarders. I think the purple looks like pathways in a garden. Of course it is cat tested and approved.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


I always find May to be a busy month, with more things to do that there is time. I think it's because it's the first month we get any real sunny weather here and I just want to get outside and enjoy.

Last weekend my guild had a sew day, but I had to miss it as it was also my churches kids group day at the zoo. This was a really fun outing, there are a few kids in the group that are within 6 month of LM ages. So a bunch of 2 year-olds at the zoo, so much fun. then there are a few older kids too. I think the kids had as much fun rolling down the hill after lunch as they did checking out the animals, but it was so much fun as this was the first time I had LM at the zoo where she was very interested in the animals. I think we are going to have to get a season pass. LM cuddle toy is a giraffe so we made sure to visit them.

On Sunday I had some time in my sewing room, its not put back together yet but its back to where I can sew in it so hopefully I will get the quilt that I enter in the show at the end of this month completed.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


When on retreat last weekend, this is the same retreat I went on last fall. Found packing hard as my sewing room isn't put back together yet, so it was a case of grabbing what was on the top of the pile.
I didn't seem to take very many photos this time. I do like seeing the different things people are working on, at this retreat it looked like a lot of us were making mesh bags. I made these three. The middle one I am keeping and the other two are Christmas presents, so I'm ahead on my Christmas shopping. LOL.
We mad a small take away, aren't these cupcake pin cushions fun. Mine is the tan bottom with the blue top that still needs stuffing.

After finishing my bags I started working on the only jelly roll project I have brought. This is so outside what I normally work on. I really enjoy picking my fabrics, so this feels like I missed that step. I also normally prefer the look of a bit more scrappy quilt. That said I am very happy with how this is turning out so far.This is from Moda and I can remember the name of the line I think it was something Victorian but am not sure. Now that it has started, and am liking it, I'm sure that I will finish it.

Hopefully I get the sewing room somewhat organized this week and will have more to share next week