Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

It's this poodle first Halloween.

Friday, 23 October 2009

My block for BoM

I have got a little quilting in this week, but nothing really to share. Tomorrow my guild is having a sew day so I am looking forward to that.

I have been showing you the few block I have made for my guild Block of the Month, October was my month to pick a block, this is what I picked.I always find it hard when you are picking a block for a group project, I made this a few months ago before I had seen many of the other block. It come down to this block or one other, so I had to laugh when one of the other girls picked the other block, so I got to make both of them anyway.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Jamaican Vacation

Well no quilting this week, but hopefully I will have some to share next week. As promised here are a few shoots from my vacation. This was our first "family" vacation. The resorts we stayed at had a great kids program that even included the smallest guess. It was the first time LM had been to any kind of day care and I was very sad on the first time we dropped her off and she saw the toys and crawled away with out looking back. At least she was happy yo see us when we came to pick her up. It was nice, we put her in for a couple hours each day, but still had lots of family time.This was the view from our room. I think anytime you can see the sea from your room it's a good view.

We did leave the resort twice, once to go to Mystic Mountain, the photo is from the chair lift on the way to the top. This was a really long chair lift ride and the views were great. I felt fine, except when the chair lift stopped then I didn't like being so high.
At the top we road the Jamaican Bobsled, which is like a one person roller coaster where you control the breaks. This was a lot of fun. After this we zipped line halfway down the mountain. It was a series of 7 zip line and was quite the rush.

We also swam with the Dolphins, this was quite the experience and I highly recommend it. This was more fun than I expected. Something DH really wanted to do, but I am so glad that we did it.
The rest of the time as spent on the resort where they had lots of activities for the kids. although a little young, we took LM to one of the Sesame Street show. She bounced to the music.
We also took her out on the glass bottom boat ride. She spent most of her time trying to eat the hand rail. There were some great views both above and below the water. DH and I were surprised that we used the same boat when we went snorkeling.
Most of the time was just spent relaxing by one of the pools.
A very relaxing time was had by all.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tenth Wedding Anniversary

We had planned our Jamaican Vacation to coincide with our Tenth Wedding Anniversary. We did what we could to make the day special and memorable, starting with side by side massage in the morning at the resort spa, and I stay on for a lovely facial. In the afternoon we (including LM) relaxed and played at the pool. For dinner DH and I had a lovely candle light dinner on the beach.
I really enjoyed this dinner, we had picked our menu earlier in the week and watching and listening to the ocean as we ate was so relaxing. I think I will remember this dinner for a long time.
Being on the resort the staff did what they could to make our day special. From bottle of sparking wine to this lovely way our bed was decorated.
I will tell you more about the rest of the vacation later in the week.