Saturday, 30 January 2010

Little Miss in Hospital

It's been a while since I have posted but I have been a little stressed. Last week LM was a bit sick, with a bit of a could and fever. I kept her home one day and the next she seemed better so back to daycare. That evening when I picked her up she seemed find but her ear was red and sticking out. Thought we just go to the doctor on the way home. He sent us straight to the children's hospital. LM has an infection and due to its location they take it very seriously. She has been on IV antibiotics and had the infection drain this morning. Its looking like we will get to go home Monday, but they will want me to keep her home for a week, for her own protection as they don't want her getting bumped by other children. Its the first time she has been in the hospital since the week she was born and it has been quiet stressful. Things are on the mend now so am feeling a bit better as I sit her watching her sleep. I must say what a nice hospital the Alberta children's is, we are lucky to live some where this kind of treatment is easily assessable.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bunny Quilt Finished

Yeah - I actually finished this over Christmas, but didn't have a decent photo to post.
The quilting is minimal, but it is done. If I ever get the urge I could come back and do some more. I really wanted to get this finished. I started it for LM when I was still pregnant. I guess starting a stickery quilt, while pregnant, after having only one one very small stickery was probably not the best plan, but it is done now. I am so pleased with how it turned out. LM room is pale blue with pick accents, so this will fit in perfectly.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Cat Quilt

I wanted to share the quilt that LM got for Christmas, her Grandma made it. I think the cats come from a panel that she cut up and added fabric to make it bigger. I like how its a little girls quilt but has lot of black in it. The quilting in the center is cross hatch and the borders have cats quilted into them (this doesn't show up on the photos).

The back is also fun, the centre fabric has the same cats as the front.
I think my favorite is the cat with the sewing machine.
I am thinking of hanging this in LM room, but haven't fully decided yet. I just love it.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Lucky me

I was a little spoil by having Lise for my SSCS partner this year. It was such a fun package to open. How did she know that I had a bit of a bag fetish. I love the buttons she used to make the flowers. I think the book will be perfect for reading to LM, and the chocolate cats are so cute I haven't eaten any yet. The soap smell lovely. Of course the magazine she included is not in the photo, I have enjoyed reading it. Thank you Lise.

As I haven't finished much this year I am also including a photo of the miniature I made as my gift. I am very happy that Lyn liked it.

Wishing you all the beat in 2010