Sunday, 26 July 2009

I Spy top

I have not had much time to quilt these past couple of weeks, the summer seems to be quite busy. But I did have a bit of time to potter around the sewing room today and I managed to get the top for the I spy I am working on completed.

As I mention before this is a stash quilt. It is bigger than I was expecting, that is what I get by picking my measurements to use all the fabric I have. The amount of I spy fabric never seems to reduce. I have none of the background fabric left, and just enough of the shadow fabric for the binding. The zinger fabric was another one that I found in the stash. I have even found a piece of purple that is big enough for the back, which was left over from another project. It looks like I will need to pick up some batting, I only have very small bits left and don't feel like piecing that many. But over all very happy with how this stash quite is turning out.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lorraine Stagness Quilt Show

Lorraine Stagness Quilt Show was yesterday and LM and I made an afternoon of it. This is a free quilt show put on every two years and it is a lovely way to spend the day. Other year have carpooled with some of the girls from guild but was out Friday night so thought I better play it safe and held out on my own as wasn't sure when we would be leaving. I did run into a few girls from guild and had afternoon tea with them.

Here are a few of the photo I took, I'm not sure why but blogger is not letting me put them in the order I want to, so will have to go with the order they are in.
This year the Dalemead Quilt Guild also had a display, which I think added a variety to the show. Above is one of their quilts. I love the way the scrappy blue quilt looks on the red barn.
This photo is just of the setting and some of Lorraine's quilts. As a country girl at heart I love any change I get to be out of the city and into the wide open spaces, I think I took as many photos of the country side as I did of the quilts.
These are three example of the mystery quilt form the retreat Lorraine host. I love how different all of these look, there were 7 on display, and I like how they were all hang together.

These two photos are more quilts by the guild, I liked the African fabric is the square quilt and the simplicity of it. The sunflowers just made me smile, so cheerful.
Below is another photo of the setting and a couple of nice quilts.
There is also a display put on by "the sister". These ladies make a lot of quilts and were only displaying what they had made in the last two years since the last show.
These two Asian inspired quilts were made for fabric for their sister who had passed away stash as memorial quilts for her children.
This quilt caught my eye as I enter their display, it is just my colours. This was a challenge quilt, fabric from a kit had to be used.
Finally this is the trunk show I first saw when I arrived, I guess it was also the last thing I saw when I was leaving. Hope you enjoyed my look at the show.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Calgary Stampede

Nothing Quilting to share today, just thought I would post this pic of DH and LM ready for the Calgary Stampede. They were both so helpful when I was trying to get a good photo.

I am not that surprised at DH, if you look at any of our vacation photo you would think I always go on vacation by myself.

I think LM just wanted to eat her new hat.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Stash Quilt

Decided that I wanted to start on a quilt that will be a baby gift. I think I have lots of time, but I am horrible at remembering when people are due, and this is for a friend who lives on the other side of the country so I will not be getting any visual clues.
Decided that I wanted to try blocks floating with their shadows. Had see a couple of quilts like this but did not have a pattern so had to just see how it when. This quilt is made from the oldest fabrics I have in my stash. I started with the feature fabric, which is left over from the first I spy quilt I made, which was the second quilt I ever made. Picked the largest block I could based on the fabric I had. Then looked in the stash for a background fabric, and found this purple, this was the first fabric that I picked up that did not have a project in mind. It was on sale and I was on a shop hop with the first quilt I belong to.
I could not find a fabric I liked for a shadow so I did pick that up, but over all it feels great to be using the stash. I have made the block and have started on the sashing, I think its will look pretty good.