Sunday, 13 July 2008

Charm Quilt

I did work on my charm pack quilt. I think it's turning out. I tried to make the nine patches very scrappy. I am planning on adding a small green boarder, follow by a purple one. Will have to play a little to see how this will look. Its been nice after not sewing for a few weeks to work on something that go together so quickly. Although this is not what I was planning, I am happy with it so far. Hopefully I will find the time this week to finish this top.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


Finally get it to my sewing room after week and cleaned of the cobwebs and start to cut a charmed square quilt. Sound fun, but I am cutting the first charm square and I must have cut it wrong, let me check, no these charm squares are not 5". Frustrating they are not even the same size as each other. aaarg! now what. I can no longer make what I had been planning to do, most patterns assume that the charms will be 5". Finally decided to do a scrappy nine patch, can see any thing else to do, other than put it aside in discuss. So frustrating.
Post are better with photos, so here one I took of my mother-in-laws cat when we were out a couple weeks ago.