Wednesday, 29 August 2012


This was my first time visiting Seattle and it is a nice city.  I loved how green everything is.  We picked up a city pass and enjoyed doing tourist things. Like the space needle.
Spend lots of time at the science center.  DH like seeing king tut, LM like anything that was interactive. I like the butterflies.
We took a harbour tour and here is a sea lion resting.
I think my favorite day was a shopping day. We went looking for a quilt store that was at this fun shopping area.  LM loved the ducks and chickens that were there and we had trouble getting to to eat her lunch as she wanted to feed it to the ducks.  She also loved the train that went around the parking lot and the play area.
I still need to take photos (unpack) my shopping but will share soon.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Road to the Sun

 We are back from our trip. We went to Seattle but took the indirect scenic route, which meant a lot of driving.  Here is the border crossing into the USA. This is the cut line that is cleared along the boarder.
On the way down we took a detour to the "Road to the Sun" in Montana. Here is a lake near the start of this scenic road.
The road hand to the edge of a cliff most of the way though the pass. The line you see on the side of the mountain in the picture below is the road.

There are tour in red old fashion buses you can take if you don't want to drive. Here we are stopped at one of the pull off to take a couple of photos. 
 There is always a little bit of snow in the pass. You can see it in the photo below. Most of the snow near the road has melted this late in the summer, but we still found some we could reach.
This really isn't that far from where we live, not sure why we hadn't been before, but think we will go down and drive it again when we are not on our way somewhere. This was a long detour.

Friday, 17 August 2012

On the road

We are off on a road trip today. We are driving to Seattle, but taking an indirect route.  We left a lot later than we had planned, but we were only planning on going to Waterton today.  It may be a bad sign, that when we told a local our plans for tomorrow they groaned, so it may be a long day.

 Here is a photo taken from the entrance into the park.
 We also had to stop here so LM could go and see if there was a princess inside.  She got a little upset that we wouldn't let her climb the tower to check up there.
This is the quilt on the bed at the B&B we are staying at tonight.  So I didn't even plan anything quilty and I still found something. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Middle of August

Well, I'm not sure how it got part way though August without me realizing it. I was sick for a few days but that doesn't explain how the rest of the time flew by.  I still haven't done much sewing, I've been too busy spending time outside.

My guild had a sew day on Saturday and I was able to go for a couple of hours. The rest of the day was full, as a group of my friends were taking our kids to the circuits in the afternoon. It was a bit odd going to a sew day and only taking one project. I took the background for LM quilt. I sew the first two columns together and started work on pairing up some more blocks. I am liking how this is turning out. I know it;s black but its not this dark, just bad lighting for the photo.

Not sure how much sewing I'm going to get to in the next while as on Friday we heading out for a week vacation. This will be our first road trip with LM. After how well she did flying I think she will do well.  We are going down into the states and I'm hoping to get some great photos to share.