Friday, 17 August 2012

On the road

We are off on a road trip today. We are driving to Seattle, but taking an indirect route.  We left a lot later than we had planned, but we were only planning on going to Waterton today.  It may be a bad sign, that when we told a local our plans for tomorrow they groaned, so it may be a long day.

 Here is a photo taken from the entrance into the park.
 We also had to stop here so LM could go and see if there was a princess inside.  She got a little upset that we wouldn't let her climb the tower to check up there.
This is the quilt on the bed at the B&B we are staying at tonight.  So I didn't even plan anything quilty and I still found something. 

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Ute said...

Wow, just stunning country! Hope you have a lovely time!