Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Red and white quilted

I finally finished quilting my red and white quilt.  Its very simply quited but I had a mental block.  I had planned on doing something else in the boarder but the math wasn't working out, and this may be where the mental block started. I had not done the diagonal stitch in the ditch for the center when I found my mathematical error so in the spirit of this need to be done I just extended these line to the edge of the quilt.  I think it turned out OK.

I also finished the stitching on one snowman ornament and started 2 more. You can really see that I did the first one in back stitch in this photo and the others are in steam.  I don't think anyone will notice when they are spread out on a Christmas tree.

Completed projects - 0
New projects - 0
In progress - 9

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nice Spring Day

Our Spring here can be a bit hit and miss, this last week we had a couple of days of snow but yesterday was sunshine. I am a country girl at heart and just wanted to get out of the city, so time for a day trip.
We started by heading to a buffalo and elk farm to pick up some goodies for the freezer.  This the first time I had been to this farm, they have a store on site. I emailed my order it yesterday and it was ready for pick up when we got there. Shopping done time to continued on to Elbow Falls.
LM had a great time running around playing at the water edge. I thought to take splash pants but forgot to take her boots. 

I didn't get a good shot looking up at the falls but here is the river about the falls
and looking down over the falls.
 We finished this nice day with a Bar-B-que at friends.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

Hoping everyone had an enjoyable Easter. Last week I mention that LM was going for surgery so I wanted to let you know that it when well and she is recovering quickly and is back at daycare this week.  The first couple of day she was very moody but that is to be expected.

Nothing like a deadline to get one moving, Easter Monday was the last day to enter quilt into the Heritage Park quilt show (non judged, fun show). After filling out the form to enter my red and white quilt, I started quilting it. Just doing some simple stitch in the ditch and it's going very quickly.

Before I set up my sewing machine for quilting I finished another 2 Farmers Wife blocks so still make steady progress on this. The first one not as dark as it looks in the photo.

Monday night was a work on your own thing night for guild so I was looking for a simple hand project I could take when I came across these Xmas ornaments that I had stitched the first one (red hat) some time ago and traced out the second one, so this was the perfect quick project to take.  I was planning on doing back stitch so they would be the same but found myself doing steam stitch. I think I prefer it as I find it so much faster.
Here is last week progress

1. Red and While - started quilting
2. Jungle - no progress
3. Floral quilt- no progress
4. Farmer's Wife - 2 blocks
5. Xmas ornaments - stitched most of one
6. Tall stitchery - no progress
7. Guild BOM - no progress
8. Growth chart - no progress
9. Jar table runner - no progress

Completed projects - 0
New projects - 1
In progress - 9

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Friday, 6 April 2012

Dinosaur Eggs

Happy Easter everyone.  Last nigh and this morning, Little Miss and I made Dinosaur eggs.  I thought this would be a fun Easter project, but as they need to sit over night this was the only time that work over the weekend.
This was my first time making this type of egg, I think they turned out great.  I thought I would share how we made them.

Last night I boiled regular eggs and then we cracked the shells with lost of small crack, before putting the eggs in water with food colouring overnight. LM  liked pouring the water into the cups and adding the food colour.  She didn't make any mess, but I manage to turn my finger blue while opening a new food colour.

 Popped these in the fridge overnight.  Took them out this morning and the shells looked quite pretty. LM and I peeled them all to reveal the dinosaur eggs.
 And then the best bit - breakfast, yum.

Happy Easter

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Not much sewing going on here.

Were did the last two weeks go.  I think I didn't even go in my sewing room for an entire week.  Unfortunately I wasn't doing anything fun, I had an infection in my legs, and it left me feeling pretty wiped out by the time I got home form work each day.

The last couple of days I got a few more Farmer's Wife blocks done. I'm happy with most of these other than the spool. It was going to be all the stripped fabric, but I made a cutting error and as this was only an 10" square of fabric so I couldn't re- cut it.  I think it will be OK once its in the quilt, I don't think I'm going to like every block.

 I also pieced all my white batting to be big enough for the red and white quite.

I am hoping to get more done in the next few days as I'm off work until after Easter. I  may be dreaming as Little Miss had minor surgery done  and I think keeping her from doing all the stuff she not allowed to do will keep me on the go.  She is very busy and there is no jumping, bike riding, etc allowed (all the stuff she normally fills her days with). I am glad she is recovering as well as we can expect

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