Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nice Spring Day

Our Spring here can be a bit hit and miss, this last week we had a couple of days of snow but yesterday was sunshine. I am a country girl at heart and just wanted to get out of the city, so time for a day trip.
We started by heading to a buffalo and elk farm to pick up some goodies for the freezer.  This the first time I had been to this farm, they have a store on site. I emailed my order it yesterday and it was ready for pick up when we got there. Shopping done time to continued on to Elbow Falls.
LM had a great time running around playing at the water edge. I thought to take splash pants but forgot to take her boots. 

I didn't get a good shot looking up at the falls but here is the river about the falls
and looking down over the falls.
 We finished this nice day with a Bar-B-que at friends.


Ute said...

Wow, stunning part of the world.

I love the last photo.

You're in Spring, while we're just starting our Autumn. It's been an unusual start mind you, we had a week of 30c.
It's been raining on and off now since Saturday, so I'm glad of that. :o)

Chookyblue...... said...

what a beautiful location..........what does buffalo taste like compared to beef???