Sunday, 27 May 2012

Red and White at Heritage Park Quilt Show.

This weekend was the annual Heritage Park Quilt Show. I went Saturday with a friend and it was a lovely cool sunny day.  I love when the weather cooperates and you get to see the quilts hanging out side.
I also liked that its a not judged show so you get quilts of all skill levels, here are the two quilts I put in this year.  My red and white as well as the small bear stitchery.

This years show included a special red and white display,. Here are just a few of the red and white quilts that where hanging in the red and white barn.
There were lots of wonderful quilts all aver the park I will share more over the next week.


julieQ said...

Gorgeous red and white quilts, thank you for sharing!

Kristie said...

My goodness! Those are beautiful! Something about red and white quilts that stand out to me. Love them.