Tuesday, 29 May 2012

More Heritage Park Quilt Show

 As I walked around the show there were several quilts that for one reason or another just made me smile and these are what I thought I would share with you today.
As you can see there are a few different things that made me smile for the cute little stitchery with matching button  or wall applique that I would like to make. There are the quilts that are in bright colours or of fun subject, out of the kid's one I think the sheep made me smile the most. Of course there are the quilts that remind me of home.
I think the quilt that made the most people smile at the show was this one, it was also a bit of an age test. I saw it in re-runs but the ones who grew up with it were quick to point this out as the bus and logo for "the partridge family" I just love it.

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julieQ said...

Isn't that such a cool partridge family quilt?