Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Had a wonderful couple of days in Fairmont.  One of the ladies from guild was staying out there for the week and asked if any of use would like to join her.  A few when down for the weekend and some for the week I was able to go down Sunday and back Tuesday.  The only wildlife I saw this trip was some deer both down and on the way back. 
The unit we were staying in had lots of room for sewing and socializing. I think the most we had there at one time was 6 on Monday, but still lots of room. 
Here is the view for the balcony where we stopped sewing long enough to enjoy a glass of wine or something to eat.  Monday evening we soaked in the hot spring while watching the sun set, it was wonderful. This was a fantastic couple of days full of laughter and fun.  There are still a few there, for the rest of the week and I know they will have a great time. 

This is a photo I took from the side of the highway on the drive back. I love driving in the mountains it's just beautiful.
Here is one of my project , this is the only one I remember to take a photo of while I was there. It's a bag made from 2 fat quarters. I fell in love with the sheep fabric and had to make something out of it. I will share what else I worked on once I unpack and take photos.


Ute said...

Such stunning countryside.

Glad you had a nice break away. The hot spring sounds just devine!

Teresa said...

Looks like heaven to me!