Monday, 2 January 2012

Good start to the New Year

I'm starting the new year with new storage. I think this may be less storage than what I had before, I will find out when I try to put all the supplies in it, but it open up with other wall.

Finally a space in my sewing room to hang a design wall. DH wasn't keen on the idea of the anywhere else in the house. Of course I had to test out the wall. Some may have opted to put away the stuff that has been hanging around it bags on the floor while I didn't have the storage cupboard but where is the fun in that. These are the blocks I made out of the fabric from the jungle fever kit. The sashing will be black and the same size as the lines in the block. I saw this on someones blog, sadly I can not remember where so cannot give credit for the idea.

I think a good start to the new year.

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Teresa said...

I like your storage unit and the design wall. Your quilt is quite pretty - love the colors.