Saturday, 14 January 2012

12 Days of Christmas

My guild does a 12 days of Christmas. We pull a name and then we provide 12 little gifts for them to open in December. With the last gift you give away who you are so they knew who to thank for they lovely little gifts. We do a total dollar amount for all the gifts, so you can spread it out evenly or build up to a big gift. You may be asking why am I posting about this in January, well I had wrapped my gifts when I realised that I hadn't taken any photo of the ones I made, so I had to wait until we had show and tell of our gift to grab a photo.

I sew the Tree while on vacation, madly cutting the fabric the night before we left. I think I may have to make myself on, and my mother also put a request in from one too. The needle case was made from a few charm squares.

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