Thursday, 29 November 2007

Time of Year

Can not believe it has been a week since I did a post, must be the time of year. I have hardly been in my sewing room at all. I did manage to get my tulip blocks sew together, but that is all I have done on the sewing front. Haven't even managed to take a photo to share.

Received my first Christmas card and realised that I hadn’t done anything about sending out my international card. Normally I am more organized than this. I think since I send the present for my family back with Mum when she was here to visit I just had not thought about sending anything else.

I did get these cards in the mail yesterday, along with my SSCS gift. Once I wrapped the SSCS gift, it looked quite small, but hopefully the person receiving it will like it.

I went to my first Christmas party last weekend it just seemed so early in the year. I am noticing that I am getting invited to a lot of Christmas party in the fist 10 days of December, but nothing after that.

Don’t think I will get much sewing done this week; we are going out tomorrow night for my birthday, which is not until Sunday, but it is more fun to go out on a Friday night than on a Sunday. On Saturday we have my company Christmas party. So will see how tired I am over the weekend.

Have a great week


mereth said...

I haven't even started to think about Christmas yet, but the parties seem to come earlier every year, don't they? Your tulips look really pretty, that's coming along nicely and I hope you find time to do some sewing soon.

The Carolina Quilter said...

How Christmas can be the same date every year and yet still manaage to sneak up on me is beyond my comprehension. Now it is crunch time and I have one top to quilt and bind and am putting together the other one in a frenzy, have to have minor surgery next Friday so that cuts down on my sewing time even more--yet here I sit at the computer surfing around visiting!

Angie said...

You and me both, seestah---I just cannot grasp that Christmas is only 24 days away!!!! They say the older we get the faster the years go...but...I'm ONLY 51 years young...what will happen when I get old????? ROFL
Happy Birthday, just a BIT early :>
(one of my sisters' nickname is Flossy :0)

meggie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoyed it, & had a lovely day.

Meredith said...

Happy belated birthday! I am just starting to put out a few decorations. You are not the only one.