Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Dye fabric

Last night was my guild meeting, it was a really fun meeting. We had a show and tell night, everyone show five projects. These project could be at any stage, so we got to see quilts that were finished years ago, all the way to fabric that had been picked out for a soon to start project. At the last meeting we had a guess come in to show us hand dying fabric,so one of the best things last night was that we got our dye fabric. Its so pretty, I just have to come up with an idea of how to use it. The dark spot in the picture is where the cat was drooling on it:-)
Then when I got home, I had a pattern in the mail, that I had won on Quilting is My Passion blog. What a nice evening.
This evening I did some work on my tulip blocks, they are coming together nicely. I want to have enough put together so I can hopefully pick up the rest of the fabric I need for this quilt this weekend.

I think the kitties are trying to tell me to stop what I'm doing and pay them a bit of attention.


Wendy said...

Oh my your cat drools on your fabric...how awful...LOL
The hand dyed fabric is fantastic...I look forward to see what your going to make with it.

Rose Marie said...

Yummm ... love those dyed fabrics and wonder what you will be making with them.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What a great idea for the show and tell. I might have to ask about that idea at our Guild meeting next time. Fun. And I love your fabrics - good job.

You're so good at cat watching. Of course they are demanding you're attention. Nothing like being controlled by magnetic cat beam to do as they will. Silly! *karendianne.

Jeanne said...

Love the dyed fabric colors! The cats definitely have that I need attention look in their eyes.

Andrea said...

Wow- fab fabrics even with cat slobber - lol ! Your tulip blocks are so pretty too. Glad you're out of your quilting slump !

Nicole said...

Gorgeous dyed fabrics. And those tulip blocks you are working on!!! I love those!