Sunday, 4 November 2007

Purple Tulips

Started work on my tulip quilt. This was the first time I used the Angler to do the HST. I was surprised how quickly the HST when together, it took longer to cut the fabric than to make the triangles. I am really like working with these purple fabrics. I haven't worked with purple for a while, and it is my favorite colour. I really like this mix of all these different purples.
I am planning on having tulip blocks in the center, then a purple and green border. Then all this sent on point with another green border. Not sure what fabric I will use to set this on point. and who knows I may change my mind. LOL
I will need to make sure I can use the Angler in my feather weight as I am going to retreat next weekend and want to start on a Bear claw quilt for my sister-in law wedding gift. There are a few HST in that quilt.


meggie said...

Those purples look wonderful. There is something about HSTs that I find endlessly fascinating!
Good luck with it all, & I am looking forward to seeing progress.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Love the fabrics. Can't wait to watch this one come together. I'll be sure to watch for progress!!!