Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments are done, as you can see stitching is not my strong point, but that is why I made these. Up to now I had only done x-stitch where every thing was laid out for me. I thought this was a good project to start on. I can see improvement from the start to the finish. As my skill level still has room for improvement, these will be staying with me. I finished these last night and they are currently on my Christmas tree. At that distance they look nice.

Today I worked on the border for our border round robin, nothing like leaving it to the very end. Our guild Christmas party, were there will be revealed, is tomorrow evening. I am really looking forward to the Christmas party, I enjoy when these round robins are revealed, I like seeing everyone ans how much they have changed since the last time I saw them. I am also looking forward to getting my back to.

My SSCS gift arrived today, I was surprised that it was delivered on a Sunday. Its been hard not opening it, but I will be good and wait until Christmas.


Pam said...

The Christmas ornaments turned out really nice. I bet they look great on the tree. Were they a kit? Are they made from wool?

Rose Marie said...

Your ornaments are adorable!

Pam said...

Floss...I give you permission to open your SSCS gift when you decorate your home. ;-) You might want to use it before you have to pack it away until next year. Merry Christmas!


meggie said...

I like your ornaments!

Pam said...

Just to add - a friend just sent me the little sheep mitten in a Christmas card this week :)) It is so cute!!