Friday, 14 December 2007

Very Pink

Last Monday at our Guild Christmas party we reviled our border round robin tops. When I open mine I said "Its Very pink". In my head it was green with a little pink. I think its very pretty, not sure where I am going to use it. I can hardly see where my center block is and where the borders start. Then corners from the block look like they are part of the first border.

There were four other people in my group, here are their tops. For this one I added the first zinger and the flying geese border, they seem so small on the finished top.
This next one changed so much after I added my border. I was the one to set it on point. This is so bright and cheerful.I really like this one, if I was going to steel one this would be it. These are not the colours I am normally draw too, but I really love this one.
This is the second time I have done a border round robin and this is the second time that for the last round the person before me has done a keyboard border, the only thing that I know that looks good after is a solid border.
This was really fun group project and I always look forward to seeing them all, the best thing is the top is finished when you get it back.
I will show you the other groups tops later.
Have a good weekend.

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meggie said...

Nice finished results there!