Sunday, 29 July 2007

So Excited

Well not much on the quilting front, I did get to play a little today on the small kit I picked up at a quilt show earlier this year. Isn't it cute? Thought this would be a nice way to try working with wool, and on my stitching.

I had to do some house work as my mum arrives tomorrow (just looked at the clock today). I am so exited. It is the first time she has been to Canada. So much I want to show her. Have a few road trips planned, these will include a couple of quilt shops.
She is also a quilter, she made her first quilt when I was 15. They is one big difference, she does all her quilts by hand, every part of the quilt, piecing, applique, quilting. I have a few quilts she made, I will need to take photo of them to share. On the other hand do as much as I can by machine. I think I will see if she can help me a bit with my hand work.

I will try to kept my blog up while she here, but no promises :)


Andrea said...

Have a great time with your mum ! How lovely to share this amazing hobby !

Wendy said...

Cute little wool project, it's a good start. Have fun with your Mom, get lots of quilting tips while she is in town.

Meredith said...

Have fun. You are so very blessed to have a mom that quilts. I would love to see some of her quilts. The wool projects are too cute.

Jeanne said...

I have that little kit, too. Maybe now I'll be more inclined to get it out again. Have a wonderful visit with your mom and please post her quilts when you can.

meggie said...

Enjoy having your mother to visit! I loved having my mother to stay, it was a good chance to spoil her & do all the things she wouldnt let me when I stayed with her.
The wool projects are sweet.