Monday, 16 July 2007

Nice Weekend

Every now and then I have a really nice weekend, and this was one of them. On Saturday morning headed a little way out of town to a little quilts show. Such a lovely setting.

The show is put on by Country Creations, it's quite a small show, only takes a couple of hours to view but very enjoyable. Here is one of the quilts that caught my eye. I nearly purchased the kit, but I was a good girl.

On Sunday we headed out to the mountains for the day, went to Johnston canyon. This has a walkway up a canyon to some waterfalls. Its about half and hour to the lower falls.
There is a small cave where you can get up close to the falls. It's about another half hour to get to the upper falls (unless like me you decided that a bathroom break is required, and have to go back down to the base before going back up). You can view the upper falls from a platform over the water.
It was lovely and cool by the water, was surprising how much warmer the city was when we got back. One last picture, here is a section of the walkway, not all of it was catwalks, only where the canyon is to narrow for a path.


meggie said...

Seems the perfect weekend! Love that waterfall.

Andrea said...

Certainly beats my weekend of catching up with laundry - lol ! The weather was so bad we never got through the door.

Kim said...

love the waterfalls :)
So glad Sheba is feeling better, and your sewing room looks great :)

QuiltMom said...

The canyon is the best- It is such a beautiful walk in the canyon and even the lower falls are lovely. My family and I have been there a few times- Thanks for sharing your photos,
regards from a fellow Albertan,