Thursday, 26 July 2007

Last 6 Blocks

Have not done much quilting this week, I have been reading. Decided I wanted to do something easy tonight, so I completed the last 6 Australian Log cabin blocks.

I was asked why I called this my Australian Log cabin. Beside all the Aussie animals in the center of the log cabins, all the fabric on the dark side are Australian print, mostly aboriginal prints, with a few flora and fauna added to the mix. Most of these fabrics were a gift from my mother, I did add a few just for more variety.


Jeanne said...

Ah ha! After viewing the picture close-up, the name makes perfect sense. Very cute blocks.

Andrea said...

I love the fabrics ! I viewed them close up too and they are really unusual. I love log cabins ! How big will this quilt be ?

meggie said...

Looking very good!

Kim said...

Very nice :)
Now here's a silly question, do you just sew the strips or do you paper piece them?
How's the kitty???

goneaussiequilter said...

Oh, I wish I knew where those animal centers fabric came from! This is going to be great!