Sunday, 10 July 2011

Canada Day & Drumheller

Last weekend was Canada day and we enjoyed the day at the island park down town where we meet up with friends. Having little ones we spent most of the day at the playground before moving to the paddle pool. Little Miss loved running around in the park and playing with her friends. A fun day, every one was tired by the end so we all want out to dinner. Have to admit I enjoyed being out with other little ones, LM was so tired she spelt thought a lot of dinner but woke up in time to eat my ice cream, lol.

For the rest of the weekend we did an overnight trip to Drumheller. I never knew my little girl would be do into dinosaurs. The dinosaur T-shirt I picked up for her she has been wearing every second day, hopefully this doesn't last much longer. We been for so many day trips over the years to Drumheller I didn't take as many photo as I should. The photo above was taken on a side road near Rosebud. A very pretty spot.

It had been a few years since I had been out to the Hoo Doos. They had fence off the main Hoo Doos but added stair up to the rocks behind them.
I enjoyed looking at them, but really enjoyed getting up behind them. LM was off to explore, no need to wait for mummy. I was very glad that DH was quicker on his feet than me. She can be very independent, and quite the mountain goat. Once again she had more fun here that I was expecting her to.

We also looked a various dinosaur around town, including the big dinosaur, when swimming, visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum, the little Church. All in all a very nice family weekend.

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Teresa said...

What great pictures, thanks for sharing.