Friday, 29 July 2011

Finally some sewing

My sewing stuff is still spread all over the place but I really had the need to do some sewing. So I found this jelly roll project I had started at retreat, and my feather weigh and clear a spot of the table. I'm not sure where the iron is so had to make do with finger pressing, but I think the blocks turned out great. When I get the chance I will get them pressed.

Hopefully there will be more sewing very soon.



Andrea said...

The need to sew definitely over-rules the need to find a clear space to do it in - lol. I'm laughing that you can't find your iron :-) Do you feel better now ?

Meggie said...

Very nice colours in those blocks. Thanks for sharing the quilts at the show. I have enjoyed catching up.XX

tijerasycuchara said...

Your work are beautiful.I congratulate them.
have a good day