Saturday, 23 July 2011

Country Quilt Show

Last weekend was Lorraine Stangness Quilt show. I always enjoy this biannual quilt show, I think a large part of that it the country setting. It was a beautiful Saturday sh myself and LM headed out for the mo ring. It was busy that when I've been other years but I have typically gone in the afternoon. A lot of the quilts are Lorraine's, her students or a local guild.

For the first quilt I love the scrappy fabric choices.

Most of the quilts I'm sharing today are from the guild display. I'm not sure other than how bring it is why I liked this next quilt, I just know I did.

I love this forest quilt, make my think I should learn to do picture quilts. I just love it. The block on this next quilt were quite small. I like how the use of only two fabrics make the blocks stand out. This nest quilt is just a fun quilt. I'm always brawn to fun, simple patterns dine in cheery fabrics.

These next group of quilts were a challenge, I believe for a retreat. I'm not sure if you can see but each of these has a bit of cereal box pinned to it. Before the retreat they picked or pull a cereal box that had to be the inspiration, or colour choice for the quilt they were going to make. The quilt for this range in size from table runner to large lap quilts. I thought this was such a neat idea and I love how these quilt turned out, some of the ladies must have great imaginations.


*karendianne. said...

What fun. Lovely lovely quilts.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures from the show. I love the quilt box idea.