Sunday, 19 June 2011

Quick Bag

With the flooding in my sewing room we needed to totally disassemble the sewing room so work could be done on installing a sump pump. We were taking the sewing room apart on Saturday, so it may not have been the best plan to decide to make a bag on Friday.

LM and I were invited to a friend's daughter birthday party and I had decided to give her books as she has tons of toys and clothes.

On Friday I decided the books would be nicer if they were in a book bag. I knew her favorite color was purple as it mine so with out much time I started by looking in m stash for purple fabric, none of it seemed right, or the bits that did were not big enough for a book bag. So I started looking around for other fabric when I came across the green butterfly fabric. Now to come up with a pattern. It had to be large enough to hold the large book. I decided I wasn't going to line it but wanted that lined feel at the top so I knew it would have a band around the top. After that I just started cutting, the purple fabric was a fat quarter so that determined a lot of my choices. The bag came together nicely and luckily quickly.

Now the toys when over better at the party but I'm still happy with my choice to give books and a bag

The sump pump was put in this week. Now it's a case of putting the room back together, from redoing some drywall, painting and relaying the carpet. I am thinking of having some one in to help do this otherwise it may be a long time before I can get back to sewing.


Teresa said...

Books make wonderful gifts and will last a lifetime. I love the bag, what a great idea to go along with the books!

Shari said...

I think books are a really good choice and the bag is fantastic. Hope the birthday girl enjoys them!