Thursday, 25 June 2009

A finish (Square Quilt)

Woo Hoo, I finally finished something. Well almost I still should put a label on it, but need to have a name for that, and I just can't seem to come up with one. But a lot of quilts don't have labels so I am calling it finished.

Yes that is LM helping her Dad hold up the quilt for me to take a photo. I didn't even realize that you could see here in the photo until I was loading them on the computer.

DH keeps asking me what I am planning on doing with this quilt, and when I say I have no plans, he seems happy, so I think we will be keeping it. I like it too and I it goes with the colours in the family room.

Had to laugh I knew that I had posted about this quilt before here, and when I looked it up it was in 2007 and I had it at the top of my list to quilt. So if this is how long it takes me to do things at the top of my list I don't think the things at the bottom have a chance.

If any one has a suggestion for the name for this quilt I would appreciate it.



Teresa said...

How about Topper since it was at the top of your list for several years! Nice job!

Andrea said...

Hardly any of my quilts have names - I have no imagination at all when it comes to that. Big round of applause for getting it finished - it's a beauty. I remember how hard it was to get things done when the kids were tiny - makes me sound like an old g-ma lol !

*karendianne. said...

I don't know about names, I have a list of thousands but it's so personal... But I will say that I love this quilt and I like "Topper" - that's a throwback to an old movie, too. Fun movies.

julieQ said...

I sure like it too! A keeper for sure!

Gina said...

I'm useless with names aswell. great quilt though

Love and hugs Gina xxx

meggie said...

"Family Keeper".since you intend to keep it, & your husband & LM are both in the show & tell photo.
It is lovely, well done!