Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Last night was a summer guide meeting, we keep these pretty simple, meeting a coffee shop to just chat and catch up. I was quite surprised to see that one of the girls had a small gift for me. Back at our spring retreat a lot of the girls when out Friday morning and I when out later that afternoon. One of the girl forgot her main project, so I picked it up on my way, as a Thank you she gave me this package of purple fabrics, knowing that its my favorite colour. I am these will get used.
I was so happy the other night to get some sewing done, but I was happy too quickly and when I thought something may be wrong I kept sewing, well it was all wrong, so now I am in the process of reverse sewing. So it may be a bit longer before I have quilting pictures to share.


Teresa said...

Woohoo...surprises are always so fun. Looks like you got some nice fabrics too!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh these are pretty and how nice of her to do this for you.

I'm glad you got some sewing done...even the reverse part.

Look forward to seeing what comes of these!

Purple Love, *karendianne.

Janet said...

What a great gift! It looks some very nice purples. I'm glad you can sew while you are expecting. With pregnancy #2 sewing made me feel ill and I missed it so much.