Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Hoping everyone had a nice Easter weekend.  I have enjoyed mine.  We had a big Easter dinner on Saturday. It was mine turn to cook.  I made way more than was needed, but better than not making enough. I think I'm still stuffed.
 LM and I made Dinosaur Egg again this year. I gave instruction on making these last year here
 This year we served them with home made waffles.  One year, when I'm not doing most of the cooking, I'm going to make devil dinosaur eggs.
I had never made bread before, but decided that I wanted to make bunny buns for the dinner, though the kids would find them fun.

Easter Sunday was just a relaxing day, church and then an afternoon walk before left over for dinner.   Happy Easter

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Shari said...

Cute Bunny Rolls - hope the kids loved them, and the adults too.

Also loved your jar table runner - very fun for the table.