Friday, 22 March 2013

Easter Eggs

I saw a picture of these Easter eggs and just had to try to make some. I can't remember where I saw the photo but I seem to remember a link to homemade glue, I should have paid better attention, as these took a lot of glue.
They are pretty easy to make.  Put a few candy egg inside a balloon, here Little Miss small hand came in handy, and I only had to bribe her with a couple of the chocolate eggs.  Then blow up the balloon to  desired egg size. Then wrap in glue covered yarn, leaving gaps to see the egg but not too big as the eggs will fall out. Wait til dry, pop the balloon and remove, leaving the egg inside. Easier said than done as I was using small balloons and they clung to the candy.
I was running a little low on the glue so some are not a sturdy as they cloud be. These are currently in a pretty bowl as my table center and on Easter I let the kids eat them.  Not sure if I would make them again, but glad I did these as I think they are pretty. Maybe in a few years when LM could be more help.


Ute said...

They are way cute!
I don't think I'd have the patience to do them. But would be nice to receive. :)

Siemanko Calde said...

It looks great!