Thursday, 14 March 2013


So many of my project just seem to come to a stop when I get to the border.  It's not that I find them hard, I just find that I want to move onto the next project.

So this week when I found I had a bit of time to sew I decided to be good and I added the simple boarder to two projects tat had been sitting for quiet some time.  I started by adding this black border to my jungle quilt, I think this frames it nicely. DH is really liking this one so I may have to give it to him once I'm done. I have a plan on how I want to quilt it, which is very usual for me. I found a large multicolour batik in my stash for the backing.

Then I move onto a much smaller project, this table topper. I had planned on making a checker board border, but I made hexie out of the left over charm squares - oops.  So just added more background to make the blocks float and will add simple binding in the rust.  The brown fabric will be the back, more fabric from the stash.  This I think I should finish quickly as its not very big and I'm sure I have a piece of batting I can use for it.

I still find myself thinking of a new projects but hopefully I can be good long enough to get at least one of these finished.

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Teresa said...

I know the feeling so well, just remember how great it feels to finish one!