Thursday, 1 March 2012

Zoo and FW blocks

Last Saturday we went to a Birthday party for one of LM friend at the zoo.  It was a lot colder than when we normally go to the zoo and I'm sure we would have stayed home if it wasn't a party.  The kids had a great time as most of the time we were inside, and I think they had more layers on than the parents. 

I did see a couple of animals that I normally done see that much.  The  snow leopards were loving the cold temp.

 The penguins are new at the zoo, it was so nice to be able to get so close with out glass between us and them.

I  did do some quilting stuff too. I have sew the red and white blocks together and on Sunday I made it to the LQS to pick up a red for a zinger.  I had fabric that I want to use for the boarder, but it need the correct red zinger to make it work..

Here are a couple more of the Farmer's Wife blocks.  I'm really enjoying making these.
Now if I can get some of the other projects finished and keep up on these.


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