Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WIP Wednesday -Question on FWS

Its been two weeks since I did a WIP Wednesday, Last week I just missed it and WIP Thursday just didn't have the same ring to it.

I finished the stitchery part of my tall stitchery. This was the first one I've done in stem stich and using variegated thread.  I'm quite happy with it. As this was a kit I already have the fabric for the boarders.

Like I said in an earlier post I picked up zinger fabric for my red and white quilt and hopefully it will make its way to the laundry room to be pre-washed soon. I typically don't pre-washed my fabrics but have for all the fabrics in this quilt so am going to for this one too. As this quilt has a deadline I should be working on it, but its not working out that way.

I have made a couple more Farmers Wife blocks, and have a question for you on them.  For the first couple I have used a crisp cream (which reads white against the blue and drown) and I'm liking the modern feel it gives these blocks.  For the last couple of blocks I did not.

For this one I used a lighter shade of the blue

and for this one I used polka dots.

I like these blocks but to me they don't seem to have the same feel as the others.  Here are the blocks together.

Is it just because I only have a couple of these blocks and it read better once I have more?
Or should I redo them with the "white" fabric.  I brought the end of a blot when a store was closing so have lots of this fabric.  I am planning on doing the shashing in brown with blue cornerstones.
Please let me know what you think.

Last 2  week progress
1. Red and While - blocks sew together
2. Jungle - no progress
3. Floral quilt- no progress
4. Farmer's Wife  - started
5. Mouse stitchery-added binding, just need to stick it down
6. Tall stitchery - finished the stitchery part
7. Guild BOM - no progress
8. Growth chart - no progress
9. Jar table runner - no progress

Completed projects - 0
New projects - 1
In progress - 9
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Kerstin said...

I like the FW blocks together as they are, it's a nice mix between blue, brown and white. Would not change it!

Teresa Felgueiras said...

Lovely blocks. wonderful stitching.