Saturday, 28 August 2010

Folded star

I have been working away, made up a couple of backs for quilt ready to be quilted and I also finished my folded star trivet.
In the photo I included the yellow and blue one I made in home Ec. class in school. I think the one I made as a teenager is better made. I do remember complaining about what a waste of fabric this was and why would any one what to make one. I have to laugh at that now.
For the new one the second reddish fabric was a bit thicker and hard to fold nicely. I think this is what makes the whole thing a bit wonky. DH likes it so I know it will get used.


Teresa said...

I have a folded star I made in many years ago around here somewhere. I don't think I ever turned it into anything. Your trivet looks very nice - inspires me to find mine and do the same!

Soccerbelle said...

I received as wedding gifts two folded star padded trivets. I loved them. To death actually. Do you make them for sale?

Anonymous said...

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