Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tulips (still in progress)

After last week post I realized that I had not shown my tulip quilt for a long time - OK it has sat on a shelve for over a year- it needed to age.
I had all the fabric together, but could no longer find the idea of had scribbled down to finish this quilt. I know this is not quite what I had in mind by the large amounts of some fabrics I have left over and the tiny amount of others. I think it is turning out nice, and am please with the setting. I am haft way though adding the last dark green border. Then I will use the left over fabrics to make a back. I may need to add from my stash, but there seems to be lots of the green Flora fabric left. I also have enough of the dark green for the binding. So this doesn't sit for another year I think it will go for long arm quilting.


Cathi said...

Pretty tulips -- and I love that floral fabric!

Teresa said...

Glad you got it back out - it sure is pretty.

julieQ said...

Oh, how pretty! I love those colors...I was in the grocery and nearly bought myself flowers with those very colors!