Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Tea Cozy

Well that went together easier than I though, didn’t help that I miss placed the instruction. DH was making tea as I finished this, so it’s already in use. I just kept the back simple. Who gets to see the back anyway, and if you want a change you can just turn it around.
When I was getting this ready to quilt, I decided to get some place mats ready as well. I think they are going to be place mats; Sheba seems to think that I am making cat beds.


Greenmare said...

well, as the cat of the house, you must remeber that it all belongs to her and she lets you use it. Just ask my cat!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Okay Sheba is stealing the show. So cuteamous!!!

Kitty Love, *karendianne who is obviously distracted by the cat today. ;)

FabricMom said...

Love the fabric choice for the tea cozy. Great idea. I am sure hubby liked it.

Quilt Nut said...

very nice!