Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Back from the Quilter

I picked up the two quilts that I drop off at the quilter a couple of weeks ago, I think I could get use to having the quilts quilted by someone else. I don't think I will send them all out, I like the idea of completely making the quilt myself, but there are some quilts that I know I will never finish if I wanted for me to do them. I think it will be a couple of days (at least) before I think about doing the binding on these.

I have been also sewing the squares for the floral quilt, now I have loads of pinwheels to make or I could start cutting the other fabric, but I think I feel like working on something else. I’m not sure what.

I am always impressed when someone does one project all the way to completion with jumping over to work on something else, I just can't focus on one thing for that long.


Catherine said...

The floral squares are looking fabulous. As are the quilts back from the quilter!
I'm the same -- always seem to have a couple of projects on the go at the same time.

Kristie said...

I can't work on just one project at a time, I bounce back and forth, but that is what gets me in trouble. I have a ton of UFO's and 70 tops that need to be quilted.

Chookyblue said...

if I don't get someone to quilt them at this stage they will never be done........and I would not like to have 70 tops needing to be quilted........btu I do have lots of UFO's

swooze said...

Everything is so pretty. I was thinking back to my beginning days of quilting and I used to sit down and work on a quilt from start to finish. I even did pairs of quilts that way. That is pretty surprising since other things I do not do that way. Lot's of UFOs.

When I look at my current UFOs the only thing that has gotten in the way is work and kids. Half my UFOs were/are antique tops that I bought. But I plan to complete everything new I start from beginning to end after finishing these UFOs.

Just keep at it and finish however you can.

Andrea said...

I'm exactly the same - skipping from one thing to another. Still - at least we never get bored !!

Pam said...

I don't think ever in my life have I done one project to completion without doing something else as well. It is nice to send the quilts out - that way they actually get finished - especially the big quilts. I have had a couple of big ones quilted for me. I have a couple sitting waiting to be sent out as well.

Look at all those lovely flower squares - that will be a nice quilt!!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Ohhh I love getting things back from the quilter. Yummy.

I try to finish all the way thru but sometimes I get distracted. I actually TRY HARD to break away while I'm working on a quilt to do something little because I can be so RIGID!!!

meggie said...

I am a bit like you, I like variety, so I jump about a bit.
I would love to have my quilts quilted on a longarm.

julieQ said...

Fun getting quilts back from the quilter! Love your floral squares.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

just found your blog - and I am in the same boat as you... I jump around project to project. I "wish" I could work on only one thing utnil it was done... but then I may only get one thing done in my lifetime. LOL

Love from Texas! ~bonnie